Panama: Practically.

  • 08:38:01 pm on March 21, 2010 | 1
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    BigMac Combo (affectionately known as a Number 1): $3.83
    Apple Pie: $1.84

    McDonald’s is dear to my heart.  Don’t judge me; I grew up during the 80s: Orange Hi-C, BigMacs, those damn fries! Muy Bien! I like checking out the international McDonald’s scene so I stopped by the McDonald’s in El Cangrejo, the banking district.  More on my findings after the jump.

    1. McCafe.  McDonald’s full fledged coffehouse.   McCafe appears to be McDonald’s official answer to Starbucks, and honestly, I think they may give the Seattle based corporation a run for their money. Their coffee tastes great and their selection of treats puts Starbucks to shame (at least here in Panama).  Apparently there is a McCafe in Chicago; but I’ve never been there. The remaining locations are all international.

      Cozy & Clean. . . I could enjoy using their free wifi.

      the selection of desserts & pastries was especially appealing and fresh looking.  As for taste, I wouldn’t know. I behaved myself.

      it was hard to resist.

    2. Regular McDonalds is in an adjoining dining room.

      pretty cool dining room

    3. McDonald’s delivers in Ciudad de Panama. (So does KFC but we’re not talking about them.)

      I wouldn't dare ride a motorbike through the streets of Panama.

    4. Fried Chicken & French Fries on the menu . . .its called: McPollo.  This makes sense to me because whenever I want quick and easy food, all of the Panamanian dives seem to sell fried chicken and bread for $0.75.  Mickey D’s knows how to manipulate a market
    5. McPatata’s. I wanted to try them, but they were a splurge.  At least that’s what I think the lady was saying to me in Spanish.  Which by the way, my Spanish is getting alot better.

    Lastly, I know what you’re wondering: Did I get that sick feeling that comes 30 minutes after eating at McDonalds?  Actually no.  But . . .I ate McDonald’s at 2PM and had no desire to eat anything for 24 hours.   I guess if all else fails, I could eat a McDonald’s combo a day and survive on a $5 p/day food budget.

    Let’s hope I don’t have to resort to that.

    Please share your international McDonald’s stories with me.



  • Diaworld 5:56 PM on May 12, 2010 | # | Reply

    Great Blog! I like to do the McDonald’s comparison where-ever I travel. The MCD’s right outside Tienanmen Sq. in Beijing was a MADHOUSE, which reminded me of those pictures you see of the NYSE. Just total chaos. On the other hand, the one I went to in Hong Kong had ‘queues’ where everyone was much more civilized!

    I’m coming to PC in July…have you found a great swimming beach that is within a daytrip? I’ve been looking for buses to Fallaron, etc. but have come up empty handed.

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